The Instagram new update 2020-2021

The Instagram new update 2020-2021

The Instagram new update 2020-2021 Instagram just released the biggest redesign to its app it’s had in 10 years so on your iPhone or your android phones you’re gonna see a whole new Instagram experience starting today now not everyone’s gonna get this update right now.

I just got it within this an hour so to get the update you simply have to go to the app store or google play store and look for the app Instagram and you should see a little update right here where it says open on mine so make sure you update your Instagram app here first, before I show you the rest and let I go ahead and open it up what I want to show you is I want to show you how the app actually changed because of the way you post the whole bottom menu and a lot of different things within the app has completely changed.

the redesign is a big redesign

So the redesign is a big redesign so let’s take a look here the home icon is still in the same place it has always been so the home page is still there but now look on top you have messages of updated to facebook and Instagram messenger so that’s why my the icon looks like this yours may look like a plane but I have a different video on how to get that to be the messenger.

The Instagram messenger then your notification is right next to that there and then next to that is if you press the plus sign now you could create posts from here and again this update is just happening right now so it may change even from here but I could post to my regular Instagram that’s on your regular Instagram feed i could post to Instagram stories and to his Instagram reel all from here.

I’m assuming they’ll probably add IGTV here too that’s the plus sign right on top now let me go to my profile icon all the way to the right and you have a plus sign here too and it’s moved to the right used to be on the left side and if you press this here you could also post to all the things i showed you like Instagram post Instagram story Instagram highlight IGTV  here and Instagram reel so that’s how you now post to different parts of Instagram either from the home page or your profile page now what else has changed.

Well the biggest update is on the bottom menu take a look at the bottom menu home is the same search is the same but now you have the Instagram real right in the center so Instagram’s really trying to push Instagram reel which is a short form videos in vertical format and here to use reels you just basically scroll up to see more and more now.


How to use it…

I have a different video on Instagram reels and how to use it on how to create videos for it so I won’t go deep here but it’s now right in the center very easy to find and very easy to use right inside the Instagram app next to that you have shopping now I write a blog last year explaining..

how Instagram shopping

how Instagram shopping is really gonna take over and even try to compete with Amazon because now you could use the app to shop for a lot of different things and this is what the shopping tab looks like now you have some categories on the top you have your shopping cart even the three lines here give you a new menu.

Where you could add a card you could shop within the Instagram app sometimes it doesn’t even take you to the vendor’s website you shop right inside of this app so you can see some of the brands that you could do that and as a business owner, you could also create your own page and sell items natively inside of the Instagram app if you’re trying to grow an Instagram or use it for your business.

I do have a complete 35-minute training that’s free and it’s followed up by a course that’s 10 hours long if you want to learn more about growing on Instagram and monetizing Instagram so I’ll put a link in the description to that let’s jump back in here now on the home page, you could still slide left here to get access to your camera and you still could post Instagram stories here.

Instagram real is the tab right on the bottom so you could post it from here you don’t have to do it from the plus sign and Instagram live is still in the same place it’s always been so those haven’t changed but the biggest update are the plus sign on the home page the notification has moved up now the heart the sign is right on top and the bottom menu has completely changed to give priority to Instagram reels the vertical format videos to really compete with the tick-tock and Instagram shopping which I think in the future is going to be really really big so Instagram has gotten more complicated.

but I’m really excited because now you really have multiple different apps that is all-powerful inside of one let me know what you think of this Instagram update, I love to hear your feedback in the comment section below and if you like it or if you don’t like it but if you do find this useful, please give it a thumbs up and I hope to catch you on the next video

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